Empyrean Lighting’s™ Andromeda™ Grow Luminaires offer unprecedented lighting levels and comprehensive control.

Our Grow lights, matched with our software control allow growers to control the spectra of a single luminaire, a crop area, a greenhouse or an entire facility from a single program.  Further our low lamp circuit power  (200W & 400W) and high efficacy (3.0 µmol/J post optics) means less energy use and higher PPFD values.

Benefits of our Grow Technology 

  • 2 power options – 200W and 400W
  • Full spectrum, using latest grow diode technology; or
  • Custom spectrum/spectra as specified by grower.
  • Full spectral and intensity control from single luminaire to entire facility.
  • Easy to use and intuitive control software; or;
  • Ability to provide units with compatibility to other control protocol (DALI, DMX512).
  • Robust luminaires with a mining pedigree – all units IP66 and IK10.
  • Dimming (0%-100%) on all versions.
  • Low weight – 5kg for 200W, 10.4kg for 400W

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Horticultural & Greenhouse Lighting Solution

Includes detailed lamp technology and control software info


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