Smart Street Light


Empyrean Lighting’s new Smart Street Light technology has been designed to represent the culmination of several sophisticated technologies in a single “pole” unit.  Councils, large retail clients, attractions and Universities had expressed the ability to “do more” with their street & area lighting, and we’ve listened.

Street Light

The new technology incorporates the following technologies and capabilities:
  • LED Display Screen – for advertising, notifications, speed displays, weather updates etc…
  • WIFI – pole serves as a WIFI hotspot for motorists, pedestrians – particularly useful in car parks.
  • Security Camera – mounted below street light – 360⁰ surveillance capabilities.
  • RFID – track municipal infrastructure (bins, manholes, vehicles, personal), pets, the infirmed.
  • Weather Sensors – record wind, humidity, barometric pressure, from each pole.
  • Electric Car/Bike Charger – at base of pole, can be set to work with national card systems.
  • Andromeda™ lighting technology at top – P category lighting.
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