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Finally an LED panel that emits light up and down!!

Empyrean Lighting’s LED Corona panels have added a brand new product – an Up/Down Panel. Newly released on the market, the up/down panels gives you the best of both worlds by emitting 90% of its light downwards and the remaining 10% upwards. […]

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The LED Spotlights back – and this time it makes more cents!

With 425 lumens, using just 7watts of power and able to work with every transformer/dimmer combination – Empyrean Lighting has created an unbeatable LED spotlight. […]

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Beach Volleyball Tournament truly an Extravaganza

October 26th & 27th saw Noosa Main Beach taken over by beach volleyball enthusiasts competing at the Empyrean Lighting Beach Volleyball Extravaganza in Round 3 of the 2013 QLD State Beach Volleyball Tour. […]

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Breakthrough in LED Medical Luminaires

Detecting cyanosis is a challenge for hospital medical staff and Empyrean Lighting has found a way to integrate LED technology to improve its early detection leading to improved response time for treatment. […]

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Bondi Beach gets an “LED makeover”

One of Australia’s most iconic beaches has just had a “LED makeover”. In conjunction with EcoSave and Waverley Council, Empyrean Lighting recently supplied their Andromeda Park luminaries.

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