Research and development is a prime focus for Empyrean Lighting, and one of the key reasons we remain at the top of our field. Our dedication to R&D has fostered our innovation which has been implemented into all of our products.

As LED specialists, we ensure our finger is on the pulse of this dynamic technology and that we are playing an active role in its development and proliferation. Our commitment to innovation extends well beyond our products as we continue to provide our clients with comprehensive integrate lighting solutions to suit their requirements.

Our philosophy is simple when it comes to innovation:

  • Consult with the experts. Work with people in their respective field to understand what is required/ideal from lighting technology.
  • Play to the strengths of our technology. Developing new technology without taking into account the myriad of benefits of LED is fruitless (but done far too often).
  • Test and re-test by the experts in-situ. Working tests under the scrutiny of those who need the technology is the only valid way to prove concept.
  • Ensure commercial viability for end user. Affordability is key for large scale roll out and maximum ROI.

Empyrean is proud to have developed innovative and unique LED lighting products for our clients and the industry in general including:

Ceramic Pixel Rail Technology Grow Lighting Aquarium Lighting
Pixel RailsOur patented technology featured in all Andromeda products Grow Light TrayLED Grow solutions for replacing high intensity discharge lighting. Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium, Shark TankPurpose designed luminiares for aquarium tanks.
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