Find the products that best suit your applications with real installation examples!

Our product portfolio now includes over 15,000 products. Instead of searching for the ideal product for your next application, we’ve grouped product categories together by applications. Most applications fall within one of the following categories and a number of our products can be customized to suit any application or architectural design.

For each application you will find relevant datasheets, suitable products and current projects.

Commercial (Offices)
External (Carparks, Pathways, Road & Street, Parks, Bus/Train Terminals)
Government & Education (Universities, Libraries, Community Centers, Laboratories)
Healthcare (Medical Centers, Hospitals, Aged Care)
Retail (Pharmacies, Shopping Centers, Showrooms)
Hospitality (Restaurants, RSL's, Accommodation)
Fields & Arenas (Bowls Clubs, Aquatic Centers, Basketball Courts, Gymnasiums)
Heavy Industry Vehicles
Grow Lights
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