Project Description

The Ipswich plaza improves safety for their patrons by installing 30 Empyrean Lighting™ LED flood lights throughout their facility.

30 of our high quality LED flood lights from the Andromeda™ range have been installed throughout the external areas of the Ipswich plaza.

The Andromeda™ has been purpose designed to withstand a multitude of challenging conditions including harsh vibrations, extreme temperatures and boosts a lifespan of 60,000hr to LB70  credited mostly to our patented pixel rail technology and impeccable thermal management.

LED flood luminaries will cut power consumption by 50-75% when compared to their traditional counterparts such as HID’s etc.

With over 15 lens types, three colour options and 5 mounting options, there’s an option for any application,  any industry, anywhere!

Key Deliverables:

  • Improve visibility to the public and staff of the building
  • 60,000+ hour lifespan of the luminaire
  • Eliminated maintenance costs for the next 5-6 years
  • Uses 50-75%+ less electricity than high intensity luminaires

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premium LED Andromeda Flood Luminaire