Project Description

At Main Headquarters in Carole Park, Brisbane, James Hardie is undergoing a major industrial lighting replacement across all facets.

Currently Empyrean Lighting has provided various Andromeda luminaires for highlighting new equipment, platforms, stairs, walkways, gantries and exterior loading/unloading areas. The interior office buildings are currently being retrofitted with Corona Panels which will all be recessed.

Future projects at James Hardie will include providing industrial lighting for numerous production and process areas. Our lighting solutions are aiding James Hardie in their efforts to be an efficient and safe workplace.

“The Andromeda™ series of luminaire has been chosen for a variety of applications for the James Hardie Carole Park Capacity Project. These applications included warehouse, roadways, process equipment, inspection areas, exterior and other extremely challenging environments where industrial lighting is subjected to excessive heat, dust and vibration. The Andromeda™ luminaires have performed exceptionally where deployment of traditional technology and other LED lighting was not reliable. As a result of the installation the Andromeda™ series of luminaire has been chosen as the site lighting standard moving forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Andromeda™ range for similar applications.”

– David Orr, Past Project Manager at James Hardie (Carole Park)


Case Study

James Hardie - Carole Park

Luminaires have been installed at the Carole Park James Hardie facility in a multitude of site areas where traditional lighting and other LED solutions were inefficient.


Key Deliverables:

  • Shock/vibration resistant & IP66 rated luminaires
  • Eliminated maintenance costs for the next 5-6years
  • Increased light levels improving safety on site

Case Study