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The Vega series of LED downlights offers comprehensive solutions for virtually every down light application.

New additions to this range include our thin-line Vega series, ideal for projects with limited clearance, and our new output and size options extend this series scope even further. Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) compliant units are also available in the Vega XP Thin Line range.

Below are a selection of samples of each product, for full product variations view the datasheet.

 Vega-Thin Line 2

8″ Thin Line

 XP 8″ 20W / 24W

Vega Thin Line Datasheet

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4, 5 & 6″ with ADJUSTABLE GIMBLE

6″ 20W – typically replaces 46W Twin Compact Fluorescents

Vega Standard Adjustable Gimble Datasheet

datasheet IES Logo 2

4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 11″

4″ 12W – typically replaces Twin 26W Compact Fluorescents

Vega Standard Datasheet

datasheet IES Logo 2


4″ 28W

*Also available in single (28W) or twin (58W) box fitting

Vega Spot Adjustable Datasheet

datasheet IES Logo 2
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