Project Description

Over 180 of our Andromeda Ceramic Flood and Ceramic Pole Mount luminaires and have been deployed across a large factory warehouse in Wacol, Brisbane.

The Andromeda Flood and PoleM luminaires are thriving in the industrial Brisbane facility with their robust construction being perfect for tough and challenging conditions.  Uniformity and overall lux levels are well above the standard in a well spaced design.  Natural White 4000K diodes were used to complete the project and maintain a consistent level of natural light.

Empyrean Lights installed at warehouse in Wacol – Picture: Richard Walker/RDW Photography

Case Study

Wacol Warehouse

Case study for Industrial applications of our Andromeda luminaires in a multitude of site areas where traditional lighting and other LED solutions were inefficient.


Key Deliverables:

  • Shock/vibration resistant & IP66 rated luminaires
  • Eliminated maintenance costs for the next 8years (when run 24hrs)
  • Increased light levels improving safety on site

Case Study