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In response to the recent trend toward D&C projects, and the need for more cost-effective LED solutions, we’ve released our Polaris™ of cost effective luminaires.  Unlike some of the other more cost effective products out there, these products are of high quality, backed by our exemplary customer service and comprehensive 5 year warranties.  Further they are fully compliant to all relevant Australian standards and their performance is backed by NATA certified testing done here in Australia.

If you’re looking for a high quality, comprehensively compliant and supported product series for your next project, don’t’ look any further than our Polaris™ series of luminaires, which includes high bays, pole top, floodlights, and security lights.

Below are a selection of samples of each product, for full product variations view the datasheet.

High Bay

160W typically replaces 400-450W Metal Halide or Mercury Vapour lights

LM79 Report  – Polaris 160W

Polaris High Bay Datasheet

datasheet Polaris High Bay IES Logo 2

Pole Mount

20W – typically replaces 70W-100W Pole Mount Lights

Polaris Pole Mount Datasheet

datasheet Polaris Pole Mount IES Logo 2


10W – 100W – typically replaces 70W to 250W HID lights

Polaris Flood Datasheet

datasheet Polaris Flood

Security Lights

18W & 36W – typically replaces halogen sensor lights

Polaris Security Lights Datasheet

datasheet Polaris Security Light
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