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In response to the recent trend toward D&C projects, and the need for more cost-effective LED solutions, we’ve released our Polaris™ of cost effective luminaires.  Unlike some of the other more cost effective products out there, these products are of high quality, backed by our exemplary customer service and comprehensive 5 year warranties.  Further they are fully compliant to all relevant Australian standards and their performance is backed by NATA certified testing done here in Australia.

If you’re looking for a high quality, comprehensively compliant and supported product series for your next project, don’t’ look any further than our Polaris™ series of luminaires, which includes high bays, pole top, floodlights, and security lights.

Below are a selection of samples of each product, for full product variations view the datasheet.

Please contact us if you would like schematics or IES files

High Bay

200W typically replaces 450W Metal Halide or Mercury Vapour lights


Pole Mount

20W – typically replaces 70W-100W Pole Mount Lights

Polaris Pole Mount Datasheet



10W – 100W – typically replaces 70W to 250W HID lights

Polaris Flood Datasheet


Security Lights

18W & 36W – typically replaces halogen sensor lights

Polaris Security Lights Datasheet

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