Project Description

One of the oldest hotels in Townsville, The Seaview Hotel, receives a facelift which includes our Andromeda LED Pole Mount Luminaires.

Seaview Hotel Drive Thru Bottlo Shop Carpark

Seaview Hotel Drive Thru Bottle Shop Carpark

Empyrean Lighting is always thrilled to be involved in retrofits for our Australian historic buildings. The Seaview Hotel was established¬† in 1889 and used during World War II as an Australian Officers’ Mess, unfortunately, the old timber hotel was destroyed by fire in 1928. The following year the venue was rebuilt by Townsville architect Joe Rooney. These days it is one of the remaining few masonry hotels that were built in Northern Queensland in the early 20th Century.

20 of our Andromeda LED Pole Mount luminaires were installed in the car park in conjunction with 6.0m poles by GM Poles. The new LED’s through out the carpark have increased the visibility and safety for their patrons at night.

Inside, multiple rooms were retrofit with our panels which typically last 3 times longer than traditional lighting and will help the hotel to save on energy and maintenance for years to come!

If you are in the Townsville area we strongly recommend visiting this hotel which is rich in local Australian history, click here to view their website.

Key Deliverables: 

  • No maintenance requirements
  • Reduced annual energy savings
  • Improved sense of security

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