Project Description

Aurizon HQ in Rockhampton have replaced numerous inefficient and failing luminaires with a number of our 45W Pole Mount lights from the Andromeda series.

Andromeda Series PoleM Fittings installed at Aurizon carpark - Rockhampton

Car park lighting and external areas must be designed to reach Australian Standards for safe lighting levels and provide patrons with a sense of security. Utilizing existing poles, Empyrean supplied our Pole Mount lights from the Andromeda™ Series to provide better light output and reduce maintenance and running costs.

By installing our Andromeda LED luminaires Aurizon will increase the overall light output across the car park without increasing any associatedĀ  electricity use costs, in fact, by installing our lights, Aurzion Head Quarters will not only be reducing their electrical bills but theirĀ  annual carbon foot print as well!

Aurizon is Australia’s largest rail freight operators while moving iron ore, coal, agricultural freight across all states in Australia, it is also one of the top 50 ASX companies. Every year they transport more than 250 million tonnes of Australia commodities connecting miners, primary producers and industry with international and domestic markets.


Case Study

Car Park

Classic looking car park lighting with huge savings on operational and maintenance costs when compared to conventional lighting.


Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced electricity and maintenance costs annually
  • Lighting that complements the detailed architecture of the buildings
  • Improved sense of security and visual safety

Case Study