Project Description

Sydney’s S.E.A Life Aquarium is one of the biggest attractions around Sydney and is constantly looking for the highest quality, most efficient LED technology for lighting up their many tanks.

We’ve happily provided the perfect solution for the feature Shark Tank with Andromeda 300W luminaires and Nebula Multi aquarium design luminaires. The drastic improvement of light and feature beams through the shark tank has encouraged the aquarium to consider the replacement of other incumbent lighting in other tanks.


In the latest upgrades to the Aquarium there was an addition of a new interactive tank “The Great Barrier Reef Day and Night” tank shown in the video above. Using state of the art efficient LED technology, this new exhibits uses lumiaires from our Andromeda & Nebula Aqua range to show patrons the transition of the reef through day & night. This exhibit is the largest Great Barrier Reef display in the world and exclusively features our Empyrean Aquarium range for the lighting!

Our RGB Nebula luminaires are being controlled by Creative Lighting Spektra software which allows the aquarium to set light scenes and have total wireless control over the lights. The system is extremely user friendly and has become our standard aquarium RGB control solution for future clients.

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Case Study

Aquariums (Australia, Singapore & China)

Empyrean's aquarium range of luminiares are being used in applications worldwide, delivering unparalleled LED lighting technology in harsh conditions.

Key Deliverables:

  • Designed specifically for use in marine conditions
  • IP66 with lifespans of 50,000hrs +
  • Very little heat - safe in splash zones and confined spaces

Case Study