Project Description

The University of the Sunshine Coast is implementing various LED lighting solutions in car parks, bus ways and pathways with assistance from Empyrean Lighting.

Empyrean have provided multiple LED lighting solutions across various applications at the University including various car parks, bus ways and pathways. The new LED lighting solutions haveĀ  increased light levels, improved safety/security across campus and significantly reduced power consumption compared to the existing lighting.

Andromeda Park luminaires 105W have been installed, replacing multiple 250W Metal Halide lamps. Our fittings were also supplied in specific RAL colors to match existing poles.

Upgrades are to their lighting systems are ongoing as old fluorescent technology fails and requires replacements.

% Savings in Power Use P.A Combined Power & Maintenance Savings P.A CO2-e SavingsĀ  P.A Future Financial Impact (savings over life of LED)


(Simple ROI is 2.5years)

7.48 Tonnes $26,474.12