Sunshine Coast firm Empyrean Lighting showcased their latest technologies at the annual Total Facilities Expo in Melbourne in early March. Empyrean brought fresh ideas and innovation to the table to impress buyers shopping to fit-out commercial projects.

The big benefits of customization, green energy efficiencies and savings were hot topics as buyers looked over the Empyrean Lighting technology displayed. Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Day, said “the Total Facilities Expo was an excellent opportunity to showcase our products against our competitors and see how much further we are taking the technology by stepping away from the constrictive notions of traditional luminaire design philosophy. Most clients know of the benefits of LED lamps and luminaires and are now looking for products which best utilize the strengths of this efficient, green and safe technology.” 

Over 2,500 expo attendees were drawn to Empyrean’s unique patented pixel rail technology which features on all of the Andromeda series luminaires. The customization of beam angles, colour temperature, housing and power enables the series to be suited to any and every application requiring high intensity light output. Andromeda luminaires are the ultimate LED alternative in replacing high bay lighting such as mercury vapor, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps in any industrial application (warehouse, workshop, mining site etc.).

Pixel Rails

Since releasing the LED technology onto the market, Empyrean has worked closely with experts in various fields to surpass the performance of traditional technology, and provide purpose built luminaires, designed specifically for common and niche applications. Innovations using this technology have included aquarium luminaires that simulate daily lighting cycles, grow lights with various wavelengths to promote optimal growth for plant species and turtle safe luminaires for the protection of turtle hatchlings.

Applications worldwide that currently rely on these LED solutions include Sentosa Resort Aquarium in Singapore, Sydney SEA Life Shark Tank, Australian National University Plant & Science Division and Mon Repos Wildlife Conservation Park.

Crossley Architects, word-wide architectural designers of aquariums and oceanariums, are working Empyrean’s Andromeda series into projects both completed and in progress throughout China, Taiwan and Europe. “In aquarium projects we need to be able to replicate the full diurnal range from moonlight to sunrise to midday to sunset and moonlight again. Where previously we have had to use a range of fittings to achieve this we can now do it in one” said Cam Crossley, Director.

Empyrean Lighting is one of only a few companies in Australia targeting niche, specialised markets and focusing on research and development with LED lamps and luminaires.