I’ve seen a lot of consumer guides on the internet which give “mom and dad” advice on selecting quality LED products for their home. These guides are often regurgitation’s from the Department of Energy recommendations in the States or from other consumer advocacy groups. While helpful, there is not quite as much at stake when purchasing a handful of $10 LED globes when compared to replacing a few hundred 400W Metal Halides in a warehouse.

LED Supplier - WarehouseIn my experience I’ve found that clients employing LED technology for brown field projects are more likely to take advice from their electrical contractor than employ an electrical engineer to assist in choosing the best technology. No fault of the contractor, but they are likely to go with what they know, or if they haven’t been exposed to LED technology on this level, what they’ve heard works well.

This isn’t always the best bet for obvious reasons (and most obvious is that every application has its own particular challenges), but by asking your LED supplier some questions, risk can be minimized and providing the perfect solution for the client is more likely.

I’ve assembled 10 questions here which everyone (contractor/wholesaler and particularly end-user) should be asking their potential supplier(s). I have kept the information very brief, and in layman’s terms to keep you all from “flipping the page”, and provided answers specific to our Andromeda™XPB series of luminaires as an example – but if you would like further information on any of these points please contact me directly.
1. Is the product electrically safe and conform to EMC standards?
2. Are IES files available?
3. What diode is being used and does it have IESNA LM-80 documentation?
4. What is the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of the Luminaire, and has it been salt spray tested?
5. What is the Lamp Circuit Power (LCP) of the luminaire, and how much power does it consume in the “off” state?
6. What is the maximum junction temperature (Tj) specification (at highest ambient temperature)?
7. Quality of light. CCT ranges and CRI.
8. What is the power factor of the luminaire?
9. What is the lifespan of the luminaire? What is its warranty?
10. What is the efficacy (lm/W) of the luminaire – post optics?
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