Project Description

Our Nebula series was used to light both the innovation center sign, and some other strategic areas of the building (breezeway, and uplighting in corners) in spectacular RGB light.

In 2014, 4 offices were used to trial our Corona LED Panels replacing inefficient fluorescent troffers. Light levels in each office were dramatically increased and residents were pumped with the new look and feel of their offices. Since the trial, more Corona LED Panels have been installed both in the Innovation Centre and throughout other building on USC (University of the Sunshine Coast’s campus). The Corona Panels have been paired with Tridonic Dali Dimming which allows for further power savings and dimmability of the panels.

Some foyer buildings have also been retrofitted with our PolarisXP Spotlights to both save on money and maintenance costs.

Further installations of our products are in the works for the Basketball Stadium, Swimming Pool, Bus Shelter & Tennis Courts.