Troffers, troffers, everywhere!!  They literally have companies pulling out their hair!!

Poor rhyme, but the sentiment is reasonably accurate.  T8 (twin 36W fluorescent tubes) in recessed fittings (troffers) are probably the most widely used fittings in Australia (or at least a close second to MR16 spotlights)!  Most offices, be them corporate, commercial or industrial are fitted with these relatively inefficient eyesores.

They have certainly served their purpose over the years, but any of us who have worked under them are all too familiar with many of their less than endearing qualities which include:

  • Ugliness.  Seriously.  With their often cracked diffusers, different colored tubes, bug carcass littered interiors, these fittings are about as appealing as a lava enema.
  • Flicker, hum, other unwanted stimulation!  Certainly improvements in ballast types have improved both issues, but improvement is still a long way from being completely fixed.
  • Power hungry – 72W +ballast per fitting. Even at relatively high efficacies (80lm/W-100lm/W) the DLOR is still low which results in relatively low efficiencies (usable light).
  • Mercury.  Hg.  No matter how its written mercury is not only a potential hazard if a tube is broken or disposed of properly, but best case scenario it’s expensive to recycle.
  • Low CRI, colour shift, and other problems with colour rendition, not the best options if you need to see colours correctly!
  • Size – troffers are typically deep fittings (to house tubes, ballasts, reflector) and not ideal for applications where space is sparse.

Corona™ 1200x300mm 40W Ultra-slim Panel

What’s the alternative – for retrofit or new applications our Corona™ LED Panels represent EXCELLENT value for money, and provide:

  • ~50% reduction in power use, our standard slimline Corona™ Panel is 38.5W – the average T8 troffer is ~80W (72W + ballast).
  • 50,000 hour lifespans (L70) eclipses typical lifespans of fluoro tubes (~15,000 hrs) – cutting maintenance and replacement costs.
  •  Ridiculously good looking.  The homogenous colour distribution gives the appearance of skylights, and with no entry for “critters” they maintain their clean/cool look for life.
  • Shhhh…no audible hum from the fittings or led drivers. It’s no wonder we supply a lot of libraries.
  • No Flicker either – on/off in an instant and dimmable versions perfect for ambient light or motion sensors.
  • CRI >80 – better colour rendition, and better still if required with a CRI>90 version.
  • No mercury, no toxic chemicals, and if you drop one no broken glass.

Coronation Drive BrisbaneOne final point is glare.  While the entire usefulness of the UGR can be debated, we can state that our panels typically fall below 19 on the index, and with our prismatic diffuser options they fall well below.

Considering the advantages to making the shift to our Corona™ and their relatively low price, it makes a lot of sense (and cents) to make the switch! View the range here.

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