Project Description

Two of Empyrean’s Andromeda floods are providing the outdoor pool lighting for the aquatic centre located on the top of Buderim.

When the Buderim Aquatic Centre lights went out, Sunshine Coast Council were keen to replace them with newer technology that wouldn’t attract the same maintenance issues. Empyrean were engaged as a local provider of LED technology and were able to propose an immediate solution using 2 x AndromedaXPB-Flood-300W stock units. A lighting design was completed to ensure the lux requirements for the 25m outdoor pool were met (50lux) using the existing 12m poles.

Outdoor Pool LightingThe design utilised the existing 12m poles and achieved an average 89lux which met the target set by the local council. Our lights were installed a few months after the report was issued and the results are fantastic. The pool is evenly lit and operators are happy to have a permanent solution they can count on for the next decade.