Project Description

Maranatha Aged Care expanded their facilities recently, adding a new 33 bed wing which includes a number of small LED panels and drastically improved external street lighting provided by Empyrean.

The expansion has significantly increased the occupancy of the facilities with over 128 individuals now calling Maranatha home. New wings, Magnolia & Lillypilly feature soothing colours and elegant new lighting which Empyrean was delighted to assist with. Over 35 small LED panels in a warm white colour temperature were installed throughout the hallways to provide suitable lighting for patrons in conjunction with large sky lights.

Externally the streets were dim and underlit. After completing a lighting simulation based on the existing pole locations, the company proceeded to replace the main lights surrounding the new facilities, common areas and main passageways with Andromeda-C-PoleM fittings. The results are fantastic and the security of patrons during the evening has lifted.