Project Description

Our LED Flood luminaires have already had a huge affect on the safety of patrons using the Caloundra Bus Interchange!

The bus depot is one of the oldest buildings in the CBD and maintaining the original lighting was a huge cost. Council knew it was imperative that the Caloundra bus depot run efficiently as well as ensuring the safety of patrons with above standard lighting levels. This is where our Andromeda LED Flood lights come in to save the day!

Photo: Richard Walker/RDW Photography


Empyrean were thrilled to help the council on another local venture, creating a lighting design for a 1 for 1 replacement. The replacement of the existing fittings is being rolled out in stages to ensure the operation of the facility is not affected. As the existing lighting fails they are replaced with state of the art LED’s by Empyrean Lighting.

A number of our Andromeda Flood lights have already made a great difference to the lux levels, safety and aesthetic of the depot.

Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced electricity and maintenance costs
  • Lighting that complements the detailed architecture of the buildings
  • Improved sense of security