Project Description

Specifying electrical engineer Andrew Aitken designed the lighting for the Padua College covered sports facility in conjunction with architect Peter McCabe from ABM Architects using Empyrean’s Andromeda LED Flood lights.

Both parties spent numerous hours assessing the key elements that the lighting needed to address and included our Andromeda LED luminaires in their proposal to the school. Upon review, the school chose our Andromeda solution due to their high efficiency, low operating costs and reduced maintenance requirements.

6 x AndromedaXPB-Flood-300W luminaires now illuminate the centre areas of the facility while 12 x AndromedaXPB-Flood-233W are installed along the edges of the courts as the ceiling arcs towards the floor.


Case Study

Indoor Multi-Sports Facility

Our Andromeda LED Flood lights provide a durable and robust lighting solution for the covered sports facility at Padua College.


Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced electricity and maintenance costs
  • Robust and durable to withstand impact, both accidental and intentional
  • Lighting levels to suit training and competition requirements

Case Study