Project Description

Stage 2 of this multi-purpose facility opened it doors earlier this year sporting an LED Solution featuring various luminaires from our Corona and Vega range.

The facility includes an auditorium that seats 750, additional amenities, performance and recording spaces, music department, teaching spaces and staff facilities. St John’s has taken the first steps in using sustainable energy products by introducing energy efficiency into the development of the new College. They have  strayed from traditional lighting and instead seeked an LED solution, installing a range of our luminaires throughout the 3 level building.

“We have hosted the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge 3 years in a row. The Centre is now well known as the best Performing Arts Centre in the western suburbs and is drawing theater companies such as ABC Play School and Harvest Rain.” – St Johns Magazine 

Benefits of using LED technology:

  • Overall power consumption, carbon footprint and heat load at least 50% less than fluorescent LED solution to traditional Fluorescent lights
  • Provide a more uniform and inviting natural light for patrons
  • Last 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes
  • Pose no risk of polluting the environment with mercury