Project Description

LED Panels are improving security and safety across the University of Canberra campus whilst continuing to be sustainable and cost effective.

Over 520 Corona™ LED panels have now been installed in various building across the University of Canberra campus. Buildings 2 and 3 have been completely retrofitted with 26W and 40W panels which are saving a significant amount of electricity, HVAC and carbon emissions for the University. Other buildings are now also being upgraded to replace old fluorescent technology with high quality, ultra slim LED panels.

“The Corona panel products installed across teaching, office and circulation spaces have improved security and safety across campus. They are providing consistent and uniform light, whilst enhancing the physical environments in an efficient and cost effective lighting solution. Occupant feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Easy to install and maintain, this product integrates well with occupancy control solutions and is a brilliant retrofit solution into ceiling grids of various sizes and with limited cavity spaces. This product will feature in future refurbishments, spreading sustainability success across our campus.” – Glenn Mowbray, Manager of Operations & Maintenance.

% Savings in Power Use P.A Combined Power & Maintenance Savings P.A CO2-e Savings  P.A Future Financial Impact (savings over life of LED)


(Simple ROI is 1.3years)

84 Tonnes $484,319.20



Case Study

University of Canberra - Bldg 6 & 11

Hundreds of our Corona™ LED panels have been installed across the campus buildings, reducing energy consumption, providing enhanced lighting outcomes and contributing to the sustainability goals of the university.


Key Outcomes:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved physical environments and enhanced controllability
  • Over 50% reduction in energy consumption

Case Study