Project Description

Green Energy Trading, located in Melbourne, is one of Australia’s leading environmental agents. They reward sustainable choices by making financial incentives for the use of renewable energy or energy saving products more accessible to individuals and organisations. Now, their office areas feature energy efficient lighting by installing our Corona LED panels.

The LED panels use ~50% less electricity than fluorescent technology previously installed in the office and will last an average of three years longer. Over 90 Corona LED panels have been installed which will require little maintenance, generate very little heat and contain no harmful or toxic substances and are a great source of renewable energy.

“They’re (Corona LED Panels) terrific – light output is brighter than our T8 troffers, more even seems to have good spread.  The colour temperature is particularly good – it’s significantly warmer than our our old lights, without feeling like a restaurant.  Best analogy I can come up with is that if you didn’t know what they were, you could mistake them for skylights.”

– Luke Konynenburg, General Manager