Project Description

80 LED lights from our Andromeda Park range are currently illuminating the largest under cover bowling green in the Southern Hemisphere!  All lights were fitted to triple-dropper pole mounts to disperse consistent up lighting over the three greens while maintaining high lux levels.

Playford Bowls Club - Andromeda Park

The bowling green was officially opened in June of this year with 3 local bowling clubs merging to form the Playford Bowling Club. Sine June, the new structure and our Andromeda Park luminiares have led to the club’s increased popularity with  over 200 members (a 40% increase in members) already playing under the structure. Each week, the club hosts events during the day and evening – rain, hail or shine!

This is the latest undercover bowling club project by MakMax, having already designed and installed shade structures for SaliburyMoamma and Meriumbula.

Key Deliverable’s- 

  • Uses 50%+ less electricity than high intensity luminaires
  • Lifespan of 60,000hrs+ (L70 B10 value)
  • Instant start up with 70% less Amp requirements on the initial start-up load
  • Contains no harmful or toxic substances